Un Trio di Negroni
Un Trio di Negroni
Un Trio di Negroni
Un Trio di Negroni
Un Trio di Negroni
Un Trio di Negroni

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Un Trio di Negroni

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Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth

A trusted companion, no matter the hour.

3 x Acrylic on canvas 30 x 100 cm | 11.8 x 39.4 in

When the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art. 

Leonardo da Vinci

There are a select few cocktails that have the innate ability to kickstart your day and also be your evening companion. The Negroni, with its distinct bittersweet allure, manages this duality with style, making it a go-to favourite around the clock.

Inspired by the Negroni's adaptability, "Un Trio di Negroni," a trio of paintings, captures this journey with a stunning spectrum of blues. In this artistic canvas, the daytime scene basks in tranquil turquoise, portraying the Negroni as a refreshing daytime delight.

As the sun sets, the paintings transition into cerulean blue, mirroring the Negroni's role as the perfect prelude to a night of dining and conversation. Finally, the deepest Prussian blue canvases signify the Negroni's essence as a nightcap, bringing a sense of closure and contentment as the night gracefully concludes.

The Negroni, is my kind of drink—it doesn't care about the time of day. It's there, steadfast and unapologetic, whenever you summon it, a true friend in the world of libations, never questioning your choice, whether it's the break of dawn or the deep of night. It's the drink that gets you, understands your moods, and never judges.


1.0oz / 30ml Gin

1.0oz / 30ml Campari

1.0oz / 30ml Sweet vermouth

Orange slice 

Prepare an orange slice garnish. Add all ingredients to an ice-filled old fashioned glass. Stir for 15-20 seconds. Garnish.