Who is John Collingwood?

My Story

I grew up in a family of visual artists. My mother, an art teacher, and my father, a decorator, taught me to see the world in colours and shapes. Throughout the years, they shared with me their love of art, collective knowledge, and technical wisdom.

Life, however, took me down a different path. I worked behind bars in the UK and held corporate positions with Bacardi Brown-Forman brands. I consult extensively for clients throughout Asia, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.

During the lockdown, I found myself with the luxury of time but no creative outlet. In June 2020, I bought some canvases, picked up a paintbrush, and set out to express my world in the language my parents taught me. I quickly understood that the alignment of imaginative thinking needed to create a beautiful cocktail and artwork was connected, and my vision for the ABV Series was born.

My Influences

My parents, of course, played a huge part in influencing and developing my style. Bauhaus and modern artists like Mondrian and Rothko have fascinated me more recently. I also deeply appreciate street artists like Heath Kane, Hush, and Pure Evil.

My familiarity with two different forms of expression—visual arts and cocktail making—has made me aware that people use diverse mediums to interpret the world. Still, the sensibilities behind those filters are the same.

I hope my work can shed light on what unites us: the use of art to understand and converse with the world.