Lemon Drop
Lemon Drop

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Lemon Drop

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You could not make this story up!

Acrylic on canvas 76.2 x 50.8 cm / 30 x 20 in

Me: Did you get your lemons?

Consultant: Nope. You'll never believe what just happened!

This work of art isn't a homage to its namesake classic cocktail; it's inspired by a humorous tale from my life leading a team of beverage consultants.

With my day job entailing traversing the globe, I've had my fair share of adventures. It's a life drenched in fascination but also sprinkled with unexpected curveballs. Believe me, there's nothing more challenging than finding fresh ingredients in the world's most remote and stunning places.

Take the Maldives, for instance. A tiny island nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it's a veritable paradise. But when one of my team members encountered trouble sourcing fresh lemons for our signature cocktail menu, it quickly became clear that even paradise has its pitfalls.

After weeks of waiting, he catches sight of the boat with our precious lemon load on the horizon. But, plot twist! The boat channels its inner Titanic, hits a reef, and takes our prized ingredients down with it. Comedy or calamity? You decide.