French 75
French 75
French 75

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French 75

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Gin, Lemon, Champagne

An exquisite aperitif.

Acrylic on canvas 50 x 100 cm / 19.6 x 39.2 in

This drink is really what won the War for the Allies.
Here's How!, Judge Jr., 1927

Amidst the turbulence of Prohibition, a cocktail defied the odds and etched itself into history—the French 75. Comprising gin or cognac, lemon, sugar, and champagne, this classic cocktail has endured for over a century.

Its intriguing name, the "French 75," pays homage to a fearsome 75mm cannon employed by the French during World War I. This artillery piece was renowned for its precision and firepower, a reputation that resonated with the cocktail's potent allure.

While the cocktail's recognised recipe and name first appeared together in Here's How! in 1927, evidence suggests it was known in the U.S. even before Prohibition, with roots tracing back to classic gin and champagne mixtures. In 1930, it gained further fame when featured in Harry Craddock's The Savoy Cocktail Book, embodying the extravagance of the Jazz Age.

The French 75, born from a blend of history and mixology, remains an enduring symbol of an era marked by both conflict and celebration. Its preferred base of gin is now recognised as the standard, making it a timeless and beloved classic in the world of cocktails.


0.5oz / 15ml Sugar syrup (2:1)

0.5oz / 15ml Fresh lemon juice 

1.0oz / 30ml Gin

3.0oz / 90ml Champagne

Lemon twist

Prepare a lemon twist garnish. Fill a champagne flute with cubed ice and put it to one side. Add all ingredients into a cocktail shakerexcept the champagne. Fill with cubed ice and shake for 5 seconds. Open and dip taste. Discard the cubed ice from the champagne flute. Fine strain and top with champagne. Express the lemon oils over the cocktail and position on top.