Clover Club
Clover Club
Clover Club

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Clover Club

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Gin, Extra Dry Vermouth, Raspberry, Lemon, Egg White

An eye-catching, crowd-pleasing Sour.

Acrylic on canvas 100.0 x 100.0 cm / 39.4 x 39.4 in

Gin, berries and lemon make a trifecta of great flavour.
Julie Reiner, Clover Club, NYC

The Clover Club, once a long-forgotten gem, has enjoyed a remarkable revival in recent years. Its captivating history is deeply intertwined with Philadelphia's fashionable Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, where The Clover Club, an exclusive gathering of gentlemen in various professions, thrived during the late 1800s. The cocktail's fame truly soared when hotelier George Boldt relocated to New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in the early 1900s.

The first published recipe in 1901 in the New York Press, featuring gin, lemon juice, sugar, raspberry syrup, and egg white, garnered widespread popularity. Yet, like many classics, its once-mighty reputation took a nosedive, and the drink slipped into the shadows of obscurity for decades.

Nevertheless, the early 2000s ushered in a revival of classic cocktails, bringing forgotten libations like the Clover Club back into the spotlight. Julie Reiner's eponymous Brooklyn cocktail bar played a pivotal role in this revival by updating the recipe and reigniting interest in this bright, fruity riff of the Gin Sour.


0.5oz / 15ml Egg White

0.5oz / 15ml Raspberry syrup*

0.5oz / 30ml Fresh lemon juice

0.5oz / 15ml Extra dry vermouth

1.5oz / 45ml Gin

Raspberry - on a cocktail stick

Place a raspberry onto a cocktail. Fill a coupe with cubed ice and put it to one side. Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Dry shake without ice for 10 seconds. Fill with cubed ice and shake for another 10 seconds. Open and dip taste. Discard the ice from the coupe. Fine strain. Position the raspberry on top of the cocktail.

Raspberry Syrup*
150g Raspberries
150g Water
300g Granulated white sugar

Press the raspberries and mix them together with the sugar. Cover and allow to infuse for 20–30 minutes until the mixture becomes thick and syrupy. Gradually add the water and stir until all of the sugar is dissolved. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer.