What is the ABV Series?

What is the ABV Series?

A contemporary fusion of art and cocktails that celebrates the beauty of elegant simplicity.

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The ABV (Alcohol by Volume) Series emerged from my extensive experience as a bartender and educator. With a keen awareness of diverse learning styles, I am constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to simplify classic cocktail recipes, making them accessible to all.

In my art, I harness the universal language of colours and shapes, much like the transcendent power of taste and flavour. Through the innovative use of ratios as a framework, I have reimagined key classic cocktails, replacing traditional ingredients with vibrant colours and using shapes to represent measurements. This unique approach creates a visual spectacle of proportion, balance, and contrast, taking the art of cocktails to new heights.

I employ a distinctive hard-edging technique, layering acrylic paint to craft mesmerising canvases that exude depth and texture. The interplay of colours and shapes in my art is a testament to the limitless possibilities of creativity and imagination. What sets it apart is its ability to create captivating twists by simply substituting one colour for another, mirroring the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of cocktails.

These twists have the power to transform a piece from subtle and refined to bold and vibrant, much like the way flavours and ingredients can be adjusted to craft unique taste profiles in cocktails.

The ABV Series is a contemporary fusion of art and cocktails that celebrates the beauty of elegant simplicity.

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